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See the faces behind the names & take the opportunity to learn more about the people who make up our Carers Centre team. 

During Carers Week We'll be introducing a few members of our team each day so make sure to keep checking back in throughout the week to meet the other team members. 

Maria Cook
My name is Maria Cook and I have been part of the Liverpool Carers Centre team for seventeen years this August. Originally, I specialised in supporting unpaid carers of people living with a mental health condition which was very close to home as I had seen issues arise in my own family network where mental illness impacts on all of the family and their day-to-day living. I set up a carers Mental Health Support group at the Liverpool Carers Centre which meets the first Monday of the month at the Liverpool Carers Centre from 12 to 3pm and it is still running but had to be put on hold due to COVID 19 but as restriction lift we are looking forward to inviting carers back. I then became a generic Carers Development worker for unpaid carers in Liverpool and I assist to complete Carers Supported Self Assessments, Carers Support Plans to meet their own needs, make referrals to our Health & Wellbeing Team to get involved with a number of different activities, our LETS (Life Enhancing Technology Service) for equipment they may require and also our My Time Project which enables the carer to have a break from their caring role and a bit of me time, these include an overnight stay in a hotel, pamper sessions, hair & beauty, football events and many more. We also work alongside statutory and other voluntary organisations, and I am very passionate about supporting and improving the lives of unpaid carers.


Andrea Ikpeme

My names Andrea, I am a Carers Development Worker at the Carers Centre, I have worked for the centre since November 2020. I started during the pandemic, so I have worked from home since then and have found it challenging at times but still very rewarding. I am responsible for assisting unpaid to access relevant information, support and funding to enable them to continue providing care to their loved ones. I love working for the Carers Centre because it allows me to interact with different individuals from various caring backgrounds. I have worked in the Health and Social Care sector for over 4 years now, my previous background was a Care Coordinator within the community Domiciliary Care.
I have a lot of knowledge and experience in Care which has enabled me to grow within the sector, I enjoy speaking with the carers on a daily basis and creating a good rapport. I have a lot of time and patience, I like to engage with the carers life and their caring responsibilities.
I live at home with my partner and little Pomeranian called Rose, in my spare time I enjoy walking and spending time with family. Working at the Carers Centre has allowed me to spend more time doing the things I enjoy.

Kimberley Brown

My name is Kimberley Brown and I am a Carers Development Worker within the Liverpool Carers Centre. I have worked at the Carers Centre for over 5 years, which thinking back has completely flown by. Being able to help carers is very rewarding; whether it is through specific support planning or something as simple as offering a listening ear. Caring for a friend or relative is a very demanding role and carers can often feel neglected. It is therefore important to me that carers feel visible and appreciated. Working with carers was not something that I had planned to do, having initially done a Law degree at university. But the transition has been thoroughly enjoyable. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. You’ll usually find me at some kind of music event or packing for a trip away!

Kerry Mallaby

I am a Carers Development Worker at Liverpool Carers Centre and a part of the team responsible for completing Carers Assessment and support planning. I’ve worked at the Carers Centre for 4 1/2 years in total. I really enjoy my time there as a part of the team and being able to work closely with people who care passionately about the support they provide for their relative or friend. I also enjoy being able to be a part of a carers life, guiding and supporting them to address some of the issues they may be experiencing.

Originally I used to be a hairdresser for many years but wanted to pursue the part of hairdressing that the profession is famous for which is talking and being like an unofficial social worker. To achieve this I enrolled on an access course and then completed higher education as a mature student. This was difficult as I was a single parent but I had to hang in there as I knew this was the path I had to take to change career.

During my time at university I studied lots about social issues discrimination which I use everyday when working with carers. Also as a person I am good at problem solving issues drawing on knowledge and experience. I have had a range of challenging life experiences myself which coupled with the other skills and knowledge helps me have an empathetic approach. Now in my role I get to combine all of these skills and knowledge into one and apply this during contact with carers. My aim always is to ensure the needs of any carer is acknowledged and I can help them to feel visible in a society that can often miss the valuable role they have. I really enjoy my job and Liverpool Carers Centre and Local Solutions is one of the best teams and places I have worked in, if not the best.

Paul Ainger


 Ffion Lewis

 I have worked at the Liverpool Carers Centre since January 2016, I moved from North Wales as I wanted to come back to Liverpool after living here for 3 years whilst attending University.
My first role at the Liverpool Carers Centre was Reviewing Administrator and in 2017 I also took on the role as Carers Development Worker. During my time at the Liverpool Carers Centre I have had the pleasure of meeting many carers who have shared their personal stories and experiences of their caring responsibilities.
In my personal time I enjoy visiting my family in Wales and making the most of the countryside for walks and fresh air.





Joanne Greenway

My name is Joanne Greenway, and I am a Carers Development Worker at the Carers Centre. I have been working at the Centre for over 8 years and my key role is to ensure that unpaid Carers feel supported caring for their loved ones, neighbour or friend.
I support Carers through the Carers Assessment process and create a support plan with them to reflect the impact of caring and look at ways on how we can help support them with the needs that they identify in the Assessment.
Caring for someone can sometimes feel lonely and isolating, and Carers will often have mixed feelings on how they are supporting their loved one. “Am I doing the right thing?”, “Am I saying the right thing?”, “I need a break away but have no-one to provide replacement care?”, “Where do I go for help?”, these are questions that they will often ask themselves.
The Carers Centre team are there to support Carers, we are just a phone call away. We can help Carers to access a break away from their caring role; either over night or for a few hours so they can get that all important rest to give them the strength to deal with some of the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. We give Carers an opportunity to meet others; reducing social isolation, an opportunity to learn new skills, form new friendships, and engage in activities to help improve their health and well-being both physically and mentally. We also sign post Carers to ensure that they get the correct support or advice.
Being a working Carer myself I can resonate and empathise with the challenges and difficulties that are faced. To help me relax and wind down I enjoy going walking, I also enjoy spending time with my family and look forward to having quality time with them.
We are currently at a time where the world feels surreal and is unprecedented, Carers commitment and dedication has not changed. The last 12 months or more have seen Carers having additional pressure being put on them as they have lost the support and respite that they would normally receive and have had to quickly adapt. Some people have also found themselves in a caring role which can be unfamiliar territory to them.
Carers are the backbone of our country who hold everything together for the person they are caring for, providing critical support; physically, mentally, and emotionally. The team at the Carers Centre work together to make them feel visible and valued, ensure they do not feel lost or alone and to get them the recognition they deserve!! Carers week is an annual campaign which is also an opportunity nationally to celebrate and recognise the vital contribution Carers make to our society.

Sandra Jervis

 My name is Sandra Jervis and my role is Administrative Assistant with the Liverpool Carers Team.

I have been in this role for 7 months now, I process the carers emergency cards, assessment letters and referral forms, input carers information onto the database, send out various emails on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis, and answer any queries the carers may have on the company mobile.

I have worked with Local Solutions for 17 years.


Chris Monaghan



Hayley Dixon

My name is Hayley Dixon, I am a Carers Development Worker at the Carers Centre. I am part of the team responsible for supporting unpaid Carers. I have worked at the Carers Centre for nearly two years. I really enjoy my job role and find it very rewarding. Unpaid Carers can often feel isolated and unsupported in their Caring role and it is nice to reach out to inform them of the support that is available. Caring can be very rewarding but it can also bring feelings of stress, anxiety and loneliness. At our Carers Centre we give Carers an opportunity to meet others, learn new skills, form new friendships and engage in activities to help improve their health and well-being both physically and mentally.

Originally, I used to be a Senco in a nursey, where I was responsible for supporting children with additional needs. I completed Early Help Assessments and Educational Health Care Plans to ensure the children had the support they needed when they went to school. I was also the Safeguarding Officer and was responsible for supporting families who found themselves in difficult situations. I have a family including two children and we enjoy the outdoors, we love to go camping and for walks. We enjoy spending time together as a family watching films and listening to music.

I am a good at listening and engaging with others. I have knowledge and experience of supporting families and Carers. I have had a range of experiences which have enhanced my skills and knowledge which helps me understand people’s needs and provide and sign post them to the support that is available. In my current role I am committed to supporting the Carers I work with and ensuring they feel valued and visible. I love to go out into the community and meet with the Carers. During the Covid-19 pandemic the Team have not been able to visit the Carers in their own homes and have been supporting them over the telephone. I am looking forward to when it is safe enough to get back out into the community to meet with ours Carers face to face and have a good natter.


Maryan Rahman-Paul

My role as a health and wellbeing coordinator for Liverpool Carers Centre:
I support unpaid carers to access activities to give them respite from their roles, often carers have lost their friends and have become isolated due to the nature of their caring role. I help them to access other carers to build friendships with people who understand what they have gone through or are going through, I help coordinate and lead activities that carers can take part in. I have worked in the carers centre for the past five years and enjoy it very much.

I am lucky to be able to use my interests in craft, reading, walking, and cooking to build sessions for the carers to take part in. I have been posting short cooking videos on our Facebook page which I record in my kitchen at home, it has been fun coming up with new recipes to try. My neighbours have loved it as I have given away most of what I have made each week to them. In the carers centre I have run cooking workshops for carers to attend we have made a variety of dishes my favourites are an Indian vegetable curry and my chill con carne.
My degree in interior textiles and design for floor covering and being a qualified art and design teacher has helped me to plan projects for the carers to do in our calming craft sessions held on a Thursday morning. We used a lot of recycled materials over the last year as shops were shut and accessing art and craft supplies was hard for some of the carers. I have been resourceful in my planning of projects using alternative resources such as old bank statements to do papier Mache with or using cereal boxes and toilet rolls.
I enjoy reading and have recently set up a carer’s evening book club, we meet on the first Monday of the month in the evening online and chat about the last month’s book choice, most of the book choices have been good, the last though was not, it is the first time I have not read the book all the way through.
I create my own artwork and this year I challenged myself to create artwork for me out of recycled materials, so far, I have made two skirts out of my old pairs of jeans, upcycled a chest of draws, upcycled a lampshade and I have created a shelve under my bench which now houses my shoe collection. I am currently restoring a nest of 3 coffee tables which has been a labour of love.
I understand the difficulties carers face as my father is a full-time carer for my Mum who has a neurological muscle wasting disease. I try to get to Spain to see them as much as I can with my husband it has been hard this year, we have learnt to use video calls to keep in contact with them. I am looking forward to seeing them later in the year and being reunited with their dog, Penny she is not into video calls and will not look at the camera.

Kate Swensson

Welcome to the Carers Centre! I’m Kate, I work as a Reviewing Officer in the Carers Centre Admin Team.
My main task is to contact carers, who have already received some support from our team of Carers Development Workers or may even have taken part in our Health and Well-Being Activities.
Mostly, I’m telephoning these unpaid family and friends to offer a review of their existing carers support plan and remind carers help is available, if needed.
Sometimes, I am ringing to offer additional support if a carer is struggling because circumstances around their caring role have changed and more support maybe needed.
Often, carers are surprised to receive a call specifically for their needs, as everything that they do is so focussed on the needs of the person they love and care for. They are, in their own words, ‘just getting on with it’ and, first and foremost doing their best for the person they are supporting.
I have been part of team for nearly four years and listening to carers describe their roles has given me more empathy for others’ lives. I hope that my calls however brief they may be, remind those caring that they are valued, and that support is only ever a phone call away.
My role is part time and away from the commitments of the office, I enjoy keeping fit and active. I love to be outside, walking or running (!) in one of our gorgeous Liverpool parks!

Rob Light


Christine Howard

My name is Christine Howard, I have been part of the Local solutions family for some 19 years, I have worked In our homeless hostel in Scotland road for some 13 years and now I am a carers development worker, Both roles very different but I really enjoy helping and supporting people on a daily basis. When I am not in work I love to spend time with my mum we are very close you could say we are glued at the hip we love to go shopping and having lunch together. I also love spending quality time with my partner Zac and my son Callum as you can see family are really important to me. Hobbies well I love to sing but not every one in my house hold would agree also I like to go for walks and love watching movies to relax of an evening with my family even though I always fall asleep half way through a film.

Hayley Conroy-Royle

My name is Hayley Conroy-Royle and I am 28 years old. The ’Royle’ part of my name is my Stepdad’s surname. I changed my name by deed poll as a surprise for his 60th birthday. I have officially been ‘Hayley Conroy-Royle’ for 5 years now.
I am currently living at home with my parents; Joanne and Alan along with my 10-year-old border collie Bailey. I live just 9 doors away from my Nan, whom I see each day. We go out shopping every Saturday for our ‘girly time’ together. I have two older brothers John and Adam. Adam and his girlfriend Ami kindly promoted me to the title of ‘Auntie’ to a beautiful baby boy, Shay Conroy…
I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend, Sam whom I love dearly for several years now. We first met back in 2012 and that is when it all began, and as they say the rest is history… We are currently saving for a house, as we are hoping to move out in the next 12-months or so to start our life together, which I am very happy and excited for!
I have worked for Local Solutions for 6 and a half years now. I first started in 2015 as a part-time administrator on maternity cover in the Homecare Training Department, I then secured myself a full-time position in 2016 within the Liverpool Carers Centre Department.
My job is made up of two parts - I am the administrator and LETs (Life Enhancing Technology Service) Advisor and am quite often the first point of support for unpaid carers, caring for a loved one, family or friend. I often support carers to complete a carer’s assessment, to enable carers to seek support and information.
As part of my LETs role, I work with carers and the person they care for to work out which technologies will provide peace of mind and reassurance. This depends on the needs of the individual person. I also help run a Digital Hub session, where I support carers to use technology to keep in touch with family or friends through various social media platforms via their mobile phone, tablets or computers and show them how to use the internet to shop online. Loneliness and isolation are often an issue for carers and being able to connect with other people online can be a lifeline.






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