Unpaid Carers Vaccination Enquiry Form

If you are an unpaid carer and are not currently known through the following routes you may be eligible to receive the covid vaccine. 

  • Those known to GPs who have a ‘carers flag’ on their primary care record 
  • Those in receipt of or entitled to carers allowance 
  • Those known to Local Authorities who are in receipt of support following a carers assessment 
  • Those known to local carer organisations to be actively receiving care and support 

If any of the above do apply to you, you will automatically be invited for your vaccine and do not need to complete this form.

To express an interest in receiving the vaccination for unpaid carers please complete as many sections of the form as you can and “press submit”.

You will receive a follow up call from the Carers Centre to discuss your caring responsibilities and confirm your eligibility.




The Department of Health is rolling out a Covid Vaccination Program based on cohorts meeting specific criteria.

In order to ensure you are given the opportunity to take up this vaccination we may be required to share minimum and proportionate information to our NHS partners.

Your rights under the Data Protection Regulations remain unaffected.

Once you have completed this form, a member of the Liverpool Carers Centre team will contact you for further information and processing.


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