Liverpool Carers Emergency Card Scheme



The Liverpool Carers Emergency Card scheme offers carers peace of mind that the person they care for will be looked after in the event of an accident or unexpected event. Carers will carry the card in their purse or wallet and it will alert people that the carer has someone depending on them

The card is the same size as a credit card and is free to any carer who lives in Liverpool. This card will contain no personal information, just a reference number and an emergency telephone number, so that if an emergency does occur, a call can be made to Local Solutions to alert us of the situation. The reference number will allow us to immediately identify the carer, with calls being made to the nominated emergency contacts as provided.

To receive the card carers must first register with the Liverpool Carers Centre and complete an Emergency Card Application form with their details and the actions that should be taken in an emergency. Two emergency contacts can be provided (carers must get the emergency contacts permission to register their details on the system)

To find out more, contact the Liverpool Carers Centre


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