INK (Inform Nurture Know)


What is the INK Project?

The aim of the INK project is to support young people in Liverpool, aged 16-24 who are at risk of Child Criminal Exploitation, including exploitation by County Lines activity. These young people often have a lack of protective factors in their lives, which leaves them at risk to being exposed to exploitation.

The INK project works with males and females but has a particular focus on supporting females. The INK project is based in the Young Person’s Hub, where there are a variety of services for vulnerable young people and access to support from specialist agencies.

What does INK offer?
Using an Intense Mentoring Model, the INK project offers a tailored programme of support that aims to increase awareness around Child Criminal Exploitation, in particular around County Lines activity; boost protective factors in the young person’s life; build the young person’s resilience and provide opportunities for personal development and ACES recovery.
We develop individually tailored programmes of support for each young people over a period of 12 weeks which include:
- 1:1 Mentoring with an experienced young person’s mentor
- Skills programme including Personal Development; Training, Education & Employment’ Life Skills & Tenancy Readiness
- Access to specialist agencies which hold regular ‘surgeries’ at the Young Person’s Hub
- Support for young people to understand the impact of ACES
- Specialist workshops
- Recovery Toolkit work
- Access to sports and enrichment activities with peers
- Help to identify and access appropriate ongoing support.

Know what to look for:
The signs that a young person has become involved in Child Criminal Exploitation are hard to see but can include young people becoming more secretive or withdrawn; going missing from school or home and changes to emotional wellbeing. Young people may unexpectedly have new phones, bikes, friends, clothes and may be mixing with people who are older than them. You can find out more about recognising young people who may be at risk at the ‘Eyes Open’ campaign website.

Gangs are grooming young people in Merseyside, so if you are concerned that a young person may be at risk, please make a referral to the project.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 0151 2917851

The INK project is funded by Operation Stonehaven and is part of the ‘Eyes Open’ campaign.

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