Life Saving carers receive recognition

While delivering care to Emma (To protect their privacy, the service users' name has been altered), a Homecare service user, who lives in an annex flat of their daughters home two of our carers Lisa and Wendy heard loud thumping noises. As they were escorting Emma to the table for her meal the underfloor heating ignited and flames quickly engulfed the room.

With the flames surrounding them and knowing Emma did not have the mobility required to escape, Lisa and Wendy quickly and calmly picked her up and carried her out of the property. Once safely outside they called the fire brigade, ambulance service, Emma's family (who were in Wales at the time) and the Homecare office.

Once they had given their statement to the police, saw Emma safely to her neighbours to wait for her daughters return and having been checked over by the paramedic, the carers continued their calls ensuring their other service users were not left without their much needed care. 

The fire was started by faulty underfloor heating which engulfed the room in flames within seconds and proceeded to destroy the flat. 

Emma's daughter sent this message to Homecare staff "Thank you so much, the carers acted so quickly and calmly, their priority was getting mum to safety. Without their help my mum would not be here today, I’m so grateful to these amazing carers"




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