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The local Solutions Annual Award event took place on Friday 15th December, bringing together staff and volunteers from across the company to celebrate the exceptional work done by individuals within the Local Solutions community but also to appreciate the work done by everyone to support Local Solutions’ goal of improving lives.


The David Shone Award

The day started with the presentation of the David Shone Award. The winner of the Award was Callum McGinn. Callum has been supported by Wirral Supported Lodgings since 2015.  During his two years with Wirral Supported Lodgings continually engaged with the programme of support and made positive changes. Callum started volunteering with the Liverpool Watersports Centre and attended the National Citizens Service Centre which gave him some employability skills. Three months ago, Callum secured full-time employment and has continued to make excellent progress.

Congratulations Callum!


The Unsung Hero Award

The next award of the day was The Unsung Hero Award. This award has been introduced this year, is for an individual that makes a consistent valuable contribution to a team or a service. The Winner of the award was Mariame Saleh. Mariame delivers welfare rights advice within the Macmillan Cancer Service and Linda McCartney Cancer Centre.  She offers help to hundreds of people every year at such a difficult time of their lives, with help in applying for financial assistance and grants to improve their quality of life.  Mariame is often one of the first people that patients speak to after diagnosis. One of her work colleagues had this to say in her nomination: “Mariame is always kind and compassionate when carrying out her job and will go out of her way to help those in need.  She is an encouraging member of the team and a credit to Local Solutions”

Congratulations Mariame!



Volunteer of the Year Award


Next was the Volunteer of the Year Award, an award for a volunteer who has made an outstanding contribution to our services. The winner of the award was Barbara Mcginn for her support in volunteering for the MyTime initiative.

We all got the chance to hear about her commitment when she received the award: “She is a brilliant ambassador for MyTime; she has spoken at many events to raise awareness of the project and the valuable support it offers to carers via the hotel and recreational breaks.  At a recent event, it was planned for one of the carers to stand up and speak to guests.  Unfortunately, last minute, the carer was unable to speak, so Barbara stepped in to help and spoke on the carer’s behalf.  Barbara is almost like a secret shopper for MyTime!! She often trials some of the new offers, such as restaurants.  She will go along to see how the process will work for carers and comes back with fantastic feedback for the team.  Barbara is a carer herself - she has such a lot going on in her own caring role, but still remains a very positive person, especially when speaking at MyTime events. Barbara is a great support to new carers or those attending a MyTime event for their first time.  She will go out of her way to talk and make sure they feel welcome.  She also informs them about the support on offer at Liverpool Carers Centre and this has resulted in many new carers participating in activities at the centre”

Congratulations Barbara!


Team of the year award

Bullybusters were the winners of the Team of the Year Award. They received an excellent nomination, which said that “the team are dedicated and committed to helping alleviate the problem of bullying in our schools and communities.  They offer advice to children, parents and teachers who are worried about any form of bullying.  The ultimate aim of the team is to reach as many children and young people as they possibly can to raise awareness of the support on offer and encourage those affected not to suffer in silence and give them the courage to speak out.  The team work hard in raising awareness of this issue and visit many schools and youth clubs hosting workshops on bullying and the problems associated with it”

Congratulations Bullybusters!

Runners up in this category were, Homecare Netherly 2 and The Homecare Quality Team.


Employee of the Year Award


The highly anticipated employee of the year award went to Jill O’Connor. Jill received a brilliant nomination, showing just how much she is respected for all that she does. “After re-joining homecare this year I have come to find that the entire world revolves around Jill O’Connor and if it doesn’t, it most definitely should. Jill is Local Solutions’ Homecare through and through and has a wealth of experience after 19 plus years. It is hard to put into words the importance of what Jill does for the service, but some of her titles could be ‘staff development officer’ to the carers, the ‘on call responder’ during the night, the ‘moving and handling expert’ in the field, the ‘shoulder to cry on’ when times are tough, ‘the professional’ when the job needs to be done and as ever ‘the jester’ who will spring into chorus upon entering a room. Local Solutions would be desperately lost without Jill”


Congratulations Jill!


Runners up in this category were, Maureen Austin (MyTime Coordinator) and Rachel Murad (Wirral Supported Lodgings)


Special Award


Each year Local Solutions issue a Special Award for an employee who has gone that extra mile to help a person or persons in unfortunate circumstances. Ali Egan was awarded this years’ Special Award thanks to her outstanding contribution to protecting young people. The award was presented by Andy Cooke, the Chief Constable of Merseyside Police.


Congratulations Ali!


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