Shopmobility & Directmii Launch 'Shop Safe' app

Liverpool Shopmobility service is launching 'Shop Safe' the UK's first warning and informing service, in partnership with Directmii Ltd. Shop Safe has been developed to provide alerts, information and instructions to the public that may be thinking of visiting a town or city centre and is particularly aimed at people who have a disability.

The InformMii app is free and available from the App Store and Google Play and will give people access to plans that cover the areas around Liverpool Shopmobility, helping people to find accessible routes and exits. In the event of an incident occurring in the city centre , anyone registered with the app who is identified as being in the city centre, would receive alerts to their phone, with instructions around where to go for safety.

The information would also be used by emergency responders to identify how many people with disabilities are in the areas affected and the types of mobility or other disabilities they may have.
The app is available for anyone to download for free and would be particularly useful for students, visitors to the city and any member of the public visiting Liverpool City Centre.

The ‘Shop Safe’ app is being launched with Liverpool Shopmobility, with the plan to extend the service through the 350 Shopmobility sites around the country.

To find out more about the app, visit the website, or speak to one of our team at Shopmobility or the Liverpool Carers Centre.


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