Sports Horizons residential trip


Young people from our Sports Horizons project recently went on a 2 night residential trip in North Yorkshire. During their stay they got involved in loads of exciting activities

Our Sports Horizons team consists of multi-disciplinary workers who have extensive experience supporting young people. Through sports inclusion and participation the team take a personalised holistic approach when working with young people. The team support young people aged 16-21 who are currently within insecure and unsettled accommodation.

One of the Sports Horizons team has given us their account of the 2 day trip: 

The young people on the Sports Horizons Project attended the first residential, 6 young people in total attended. The young people on the residential stayed for 2 nights at the playaway centre in Skipton North Yorkshire. Whilst on the residential young people took part in orienteering sessions discovering the wonderful Janet’s Foss and then following on to Gordale Scar, during this walk the weather at times wasn’t the best but the young people showed true resilience and battled through enjoying the scenery and the wonderful views that were afforded to them. Some even managed to climb to the top of the Gordale scar waterfall to reveal panoramic views of the surrounding area. On arriving at playaway the young people collectively helped to prepare the evening meal and following this spent time cleaning up. Once the wonderful food made by the young people had been consumed it was time to spend time in the sports hall where the young people enjoyed games of football and pool utilising team building, leadership and communication skills participating in tasks set out by staff. Once this was finished the young people spent time relaxing watching a movie before retiring to bed in preparation for the day ahead.

On waking on the second day some of the young people helped to feed the animals on the farm located within the centre whilst the others sorted breakfast. The young people then got themselves ready to go quad biking and take part in a jeep safari in the grounds of Thornton hall. Whilst on the jeep safari young people had the chance to feed deer by hand and learn about the heritage of the area before going out on a quad biking session exploring the area riding through various terrains and streams. Following on from this young people spent time exploring the farm and visiting different types of farm animals. Once all this excitement was said and done the young people returned to the Playaway centre and began preparation for the evening meal which was a roast dinner. After the evening meal had been eaten all the young people helped to clean the numerous dishes that had been used whilst cooking and had time to relax. The young people then had the option of a night walk or to do some team building work within the sports hall. The young people chose to take part in some team building work as the quad biking and jeep safari had tired them all out. The young people took part in numerous team building challenges within the sports hall and then settled to watch a film before retiring to bed.

On the last day, the young people spent time packing their belongings away before having some breakfast. After breakfast the young people then began to clean through the centre following the rigorous cleaning routine that needed to be followed before leaving the centre. On inspection by staff at the centre some of the young people had to return to their room to continue to clean as they had missed some of the things that were needed to be done, however they took this in their stride and all chipped in to get this done. Before leaving the centre to head home the young people had time to reflect on the activities they have participated in and the skills that they have utilised whilst on the residential. Unfortunately it was then time to pack up the minibus and head home, until next time!



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