'I Hate Sprouts!'

I Hate Sprouts!


I am a man who despise's sprout's

I've had many a slap and lot's of clout's

I could never swallow their mingin' taste

But me mum made me eat them so there woz no waste

I couldn't bare that foul aroma

I thought that whiff would put me in a coma

I used to dread them on my plate

My mum said "eat them" you'll put on weight

I could force 'em down with a pack of Lockets

An' if I woz skint they'd go in my pockets

My hate for sprouts went through the roof

I bit one once an' it broke my tooth

My mum would scream when she washed my jeans

Stephen! There's sprouts in your pockets, on top of Baked Beans

Now that I'm older, there can be no doubts

That my childhood dreams were ruined by



This is an excellent poem written by one of our residents at Cherry Tree House. It is so good we just had to put it on our website!


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