Local Solutions service user celebrates 100th birthday

Tom spoke to Michelle McDonough, a manager at our Prescot Homecare branch, about how he had moved to Ireland when he was 7 and lived with his aunt and uncle who had a farm that he worked on after school for a shilling.  He met his wife Catherine in Ireland but they moved back to England when he was 27.  He worked and lived on a farm in Newton Le Willows which he shared with his cousin who is also a service user of Local Solutions. 

Eventually Thomas had to move from the farm as it was destroyed due to its age.  He was looking for work when he heard about two sisters whose father was a millionaire and was looking for a caretaker to look after the gardens of his property.  He approached them and they agreed to give him a job which he carried out until he was 82!

Although Tom has support from carers twice a day, he is still very independent and likes to get out as much as he can – he goes for a walk around the block for exercise when the weather is ok and he has outlived all of his siblings.  He enjoys the company of the staff and likes the conversations he has with them.   To celebrate his birthday, Tom went to his local pub with his two sons and was looking forward to receiving his telegram from the Queen.


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