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Peter, 19, was referred to the AIMS project when he was given an eviction notice from a young person’s hostel. Peter suffered with poor mental health due to the loss of his mother at a young age and was using cannabis and legal highs as a coping mechanism. His AIMS mentor mediated between Peter and hostel staff to develop a behavioural contract, so that Peter did not become homeless again.

Peter built a good working relationship  with his mentor but was reluctant to engage with other services for support with his mental health and drug use. As the AIMS service had a substance misuse worker and Psychologist based in the office, a place Peter felt comfortable, he agreed to meet with both. Once Peter started to address his bereavement he developed more effective coping mechanisms and became less reliant on cannabis and legal highs, resulting in fewer aggressive outbursts.

Peter has now completed a Level 1 qualification with AIMS, moved into his own tenancy. AIMS supported him to make his house into a home. He has now secured a job and sustained this for over 6 months.


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