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My name is Kelly Saunders and I’m a recruitment coordinator for Local Solutions Homecare. My role involves seeing potential Care Support Workers through from the application stage through the process towards becoming a Care Support Worker. This approach has been developed with the candidate in mind to make it easier and quicker for people to go from an applicant to being ready to deliver care for people in need.

One of the great things about the job is the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. To apply to become a Care Support Worker you don’t need to have any specific experience, skills or training. We provide you with all the training and skills before you start so we only look for people who are kind and have a desire to help vulnerable people in their community. I often find that I’m talking to one applicant in the morning who was previously working in an office job that now wants a change, and then in the afternoon talking to someone who’s recently finished school. Despite the difference in both applicants background, they can both make excellent Care Support workers if they have the key ingredients, kindness and compassion.

Like many things, Covid-19 has changed the way we bring people through the process. As a result, it has become much more streamlined and a much quicker experience for the candidate. By cutting out face to face interactions it is much more accessible as without travel to and from, it’s easier to fit into day to day life. In some cases, we can get people from application to start in as short as 2 weeks. If you are looking for silver linings from the past few months, this is definitely one of them.

After I have seen an applicant through the process, then comes the preparation for the role. We have excellent training resources to make sure that when a person becomes a Care Support Worker, they can confidently deliver a high standard of care. New starters complete a mix of distanced learning and practical sessions where essential before they go onto shadow a current Care Support Worker.

We’ve seen a lot more applications looking to become a Care Support Worker from people who have a variety of reasons for starting their career in care. A large part of this is people who, over the last few months have realized the importance of looking after people in their own community.

If you’re interested in becoming a Care Support Worker in your community we’re accepting applications. Your past experiences don’t matter, the only thing we look for is whether you are a kind and compassionate person. Visit our vacancies page or call 0151 705 2326

All Care Support Workers will need to complete an enhanced DBS

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