Carers Week 2020: Hearing from Carers


Carers Week 2020 is all about 'Making Caring Visible.'  We have asked four of the carers who are supported by Liverpool Carers Centre to tell us about their caring role. A huge thank you to each of these carers for their honesty and sharing their stories with us. 

Rosalyn: Cares for her partner who has Alzheimer's.

This is my story....of being a carer for my partner, Norm, of 12 years, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease just over 2 years ago.  It's very hard to define when the decline in him first appeared. However, I remember using the phrase 'What are you talking about darling' beginning to be used about 3 years ago! This got to be used more frequently until I thought let's just run with what Norm is talking about and not ask too many questions. This is not as easy to do as it sounds as frustration plays a role here. I was getting stressed! Continue Reading Here....


Sarah: Carers for her daughter who has poor mental health

As a carer for my daughter who experienced poor mental health from a young age I have struggled with isolation and frustration at the support available from services. Due to cuts and resources, mental health services offered irregular or non-existent support for parents. I felt my world was totally consumed with my daughter's issues - I was a mom, a mentor, an administrator, time keeper, negotiator. It was exhausting and never ending. While I was attending a Mental Health Conference I came across the Carers Centre stall and met Maryam who talked me through some of the support on offer. 

I realised I was not looking after myself so I looked into it. Honestly it's been such a change attending sessions and being part of the centre. There is so much available, lots of different activities and experiences to suit everyone. Continue Reading Here....


Tracy: Cares for her mum who has Vascular Dementia

We are now in our 5th year following Mum’s formal diagnosis of vascular dementia, but really it's 6-7 years of knowing it was developing.   Quite simply, it's hard.  So what does a being a carer mean for me?  Mind-numbing tasks, patience beyond endurance, no salient discussions as intellectual curiosity is now a distant memory. 

A good day now is when we can co-exist without rows & battles about the simplest of mundane routines - tablet taking, showering & brushing teeth for example.  When all the laundry is done and dry.  When everyone is fed, toileted & clean, no harm done & escorted peacefully to bed pre 1am rather than being “night-walkers” ... so everyone can get some rest!  Continue Reading Here.... 


Anonymous Carer: Cares for her daughter with complex needs

I care for my daughter who has complex needs. To be a good carer, you have to be energetic because it entails physical and mental activities.  You need to be caring, show you love them that they are special; be attentive and patient as you constantly need to explain yourself so many times to make the person understand and because they trust and depend on you. Continue Reading Here....


Dean: Caring for my Husband who has Incomplete Paraplegia

I remember meeting Maryam at The Walton Centre and she gave us some information which helped so much and it was from there that I then contacted Local Solutions and decided I was going to be Gary’s carer and leave work. Continue Reading Here....


Yvonne: I was a Carer for my Husband

I could write a book the experiences I have had being a carer but I will try to keep it short.
I was a carer for my handsome husband Terry, sadly he passed away 2 years now, being a carer for someone you love is the hardest experience in your life, you feel sadness, lonely, invisible, worried . despair to name a few, you have a challenging responsibility, making sure the person you care for is washed dressed shaved feed given medication, making them as happy and comfortable as you can. Continue Reading Here...

To find out more about support available at Liverpool Carers Centre, please click Here.







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A celebration event was held on Wednesday 25th October at the Hilton Hotel where organisations that have contributed to our mytime project received recognition awards. They also heard from carers who have been on a break and found out about the massive impact it has had on them.

It’s Carers Week this week, recognising the contribution of the 1 in 8 people who care for a family member, friend or neighbour. Here in Liverpool there are over 50,000 carers and 1 in 12 secondary school pupils are carers. We spoke to the team at Liverpool Carers Centre at Local Solutions to find out their top tips for carers.

Congratulations to Jean Ecclestone who was nominated for Outstanding Carer Award at the Older People’s Awards. Jean attended the event along with some of the team at the Liverpool Carers Centre.


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