In Conversation with the DOT Team


Tell us about your team?

We’re based on the 2nd floor of Mount Vernon Green office and there are 7 of us, with 4 of us being part-time.  Our team is made up of Emily, the team co-ordinator, Abbie, Vanessa, John, Keeley, Michelle and Katie. 

What does 'The DOT Team’ do?
Our Homecare service provides a social care and personal care service across the Liverpool City Region to nearly 1900 people.  We're the bridge between Homecare and Finance for payroll and invoicing.  We currently process payroll for 610 Care support workers and manage the invoicing for the care of 1850 Homecare service users.  We also manage mange the payroll for call monitoring and care administrators.

Pay for care support workers is incredibly complicated and rates of pay depend on the carer’s role, the area they work in, whether they drive and if they work at night.  We support carers working across five local authorities.  Some carers are paid by the minute and – from when they log in and log out to a call – and some are paid for the time that has been allocated for the call. 

Our invoicing work is equally complex – making sure we are accurately charging local authorities and private individuals.
We also manage the mobile phones for all of our carers  - we’ve got about 550 phones assigned to staff members and this takes a lot of work with carers leaving and joining the organization – next month we’ll start the process of changing phones for everyone!

What are some of the changes over the last couple of years?
There’s been huge changes over the last couple of years and these have made a real difference to our role. Carers now login to One Touch on their phones when they arrive and leave a call and that data comes straight over to us so that we can pay them accordingly.  Prior to these changes, people were having to bring in paper copies of their timesheets.   There are still glitches in the system but it’s reduced the number of issues and gives much more information to carers. 

Which parts of the organisation do you work with?
We work closely between HR, Finance, IT and Homecare, but all of the payroll and invoicing work we do relates to the Homecare service.

What’s the best bits of your work and the biggest challenges?
The team is great, we all get on and we’re good at helping each other.  With some of us working part-time, there’s a lot of flexibility which we appreciate. 

It’s satisfying knowing we play a really important role as we’re making sure people get paid accurately.
Chatting to the carers is great – most of the time.  We don’t get to meet them face to face but we get a fair number of calls, querying something about their pay. Many of the carers really do go the extra mile and you think if it was my grandparent or my relative that needed care, I’d want them to have that carer.  And they take time to speak to the person they are caring for. 

Dealing with queries is one of the most taxing elements but it’s also one of the most satisfying when you can resolve an issue – especially if people are worried about their pay and we can provide them with answers and get it resolved. 

There are always going to be queries and we’re working alongside an incredibly busy Homecare service. 

Do you have any team traditions?
We have a sweet table……. It’s usually on a payroll week and the table gets full of chocolate, biscuits and cakes.  And we like to make a fuss on birthdays. 

What would you want to say if you met the government Minister responsible for Social Care?
In our role, we’re aware of the issues that affect care support workers, and we hear how challenging the role can be.   Rates of pay across the whole social care system are too low, given how important the role is - We would love to see that improved.

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