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Who does Mytime cover? Do you need a carers assessment? What happens if you can’t stay overnight or have to cancel? and where can our latest offers be found? are all questions that the mytime team gets frequently asked. I’m going to answer these by telling you a bit more about mytime and who it could potentially help.

Firstly, Mytime covers people aged 18 and over who are classed as a carer. You don’t have to have a carers assessment, however we do encourage it and we would recommend a carers assessment just so the carer can get the best help that they can possibly get that’s out there. So, someone will go out and assess their needs and see if they can help in any other way than us offering them a break, whatever that may be. You also don’t have to be connected to the Liverpool Carers Centre, but you do, at the moment, have to be in Liverpool.

We recognize that carers have a time-demanding role so some carers can only access day breaks or evening breaks or an overnight stay isn’t appropriate, but there’s always something that we can offer to someone. Whereas it used to be just hotels, Mytime has grown so much that there’s now restaurants offering afternoon teas as well meals, lunches and we’ve got theatres like the Philharmonic Hall, so there’s loads of stuff for carers. We’ve also had carers that have had to leave early for whatever reason. Sometimes during these breaks, the unpredictability of the caring role means that a carer has to go and has to drop everything in order to care for their loved one. We’ll always try and adapt to this and we’ve even had carers take advantage of what time they have got at hotels, before going home to fulfill their caring role and then come back in the morning for breakfast.

We understand the complexity of the caring role and it’s not a problem if a carer has to cancel for any reason. If someone has to cancel, let's use a hotel stay as an example, if it was during the week for example on Monday to Friday then they can phone us at mytime, just let us know and we can sort it out. If it’s a Saturday or a Sunday when the Mytime office is closed, then we would ask the carer to phone the hotel directly to cancel the booking. It wouldn’t affect anything going forward, we wouldn’t black mark them or anything like that for having to cancel it, it’s just the way it goes. As I said, we understand the complexity of the caring role, so we’ll just look for something else in the near future or when it’s convenient.

People ask a lot about if they can access mytime again so there’s been some changes to mytime and there’s now an annual administration fee of £20. This gives the carer access to mytime for 12 months and everything within that 12 months is complimentary. It’s something that helps to keep Mytime going because it’s definitely a service that is needed across the country in my opinion.

It’s brilliant working for Mytime, I love giving something back and I speak to some fantastic people on the phone and see some fantastic people at events with some of the best stories. It is great to be able to give someone a break that they need that they might not normally be able to access.

If you want to know about our latest offers, the best way to find out what’s coming up is to access the website which has all the latest offers as and when they become available. On there you can then register your interests which sends an email directly to the Mytime team and we aim to get back in contact within five working days.

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