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Local Solutions is a charity that, since 1974 has been generating and delivering services to support individuals, families and communities with a primary focus on those experiencing disadvantage, exclusion and vulnerability. Our work is focusses on serving the communities within Liverpool City Region and North Wales.

Our work is guided by our VISION of a society in which all people can live with dignity, lead fulfilled lives and realise their potential. Our MISSION is to Build Resilience, Raise Aspiration, and Improve Lives.

We strive to achieve our Mission by creating and delivering excellent and responsive services.

Our history is marked with innovation, taking measured risks and the creation of solutions that get alongside people and help them make significant changes in their lives. Our innovation is illustrated through our heritage; we are proud to have a track record of invention that includes the establishment of accommodation solutions for young people and families, employability programmes, welfare advice and guidance, an anti-bullying initiative and innovative support for unpaid carers and those affected by domestic abuse. Recent examples of entrepreneurial approaches we have taken are our MyTime and Resettlement Passport initiatives.

To find out more about our plans moving forward, take a look at our 2020-25 Strategy.

Take a look at our 2021-2022 Impact Report to view the impact of our efforts over the past year

Want to find out more about our Leadership Team and Trustees?

Local Solutions is lead by Tom Harrison, the Chief Executive, and a team of Directors who hold responsibilities for different areas of the organisation.

We are regularly measuring our effectiveness in supporting people to ensure we are always at our best. We have collected some figures from a number of our services showing the people we have supported in the year 2020/21. 

 The leadership team at Local Solutions are supported by an experienced team of trustees, who meet every two months and play a vital role in the governance of the charity. They ensure that we are on track to achieve our goals and provide an efficient service to the community. 

Do you work for a small organisation and need to get a DBS check for your work?  Local Solutions offers a DBS Umbrella Service where we can process a DBS check for you. 

Local Solutions is committed to becoming an organisation which is pro-diversity and anti-discriminatory, where everyone's diversity is valued and appreciated and, in recognising that everyone is different, valuing the unique contribution that individual experience, knowledge and skills can make.  

How did Local Solutions start and what is the organisation about?

The role of Honorary President is held by Mark Blundell Esq, Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant of Merseyside. Local Solutions has a long history of the role of Honorary President being held by the Lord Lieutenant of Merseyside. 

Local Solutions work to a range of recognised standards, underpinning our adherence to high quality and care for our teams and those that we deliver services to.


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