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21 November

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Domestic Abuse Awareness Training for Professionals

Domestic Abuse Awareness Training for Professionals


We are able to offer bespoke training, tailored to your needs.

The aim of this course is to raise awareness and understanding of Domestic Abuse and its impact on those involved. It is a one day course delivered by specialist domestic abuse practitioners.

As many as one third of females and one sixth of males report that they have experienced harassment and/or domestic abuse in their lives" (British Crime Survey 2012)

Considering these statistics this course would be suitable for any worker coming into contact with members of the public. This includes workers who may be a victim's first point of contact with a service as well as those working directly with children, young people and families.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course you will:

  • Be aware of the incidence and impact of domestic abuse both locally and nationally.
  • Understand some of the dynamics involved in domestic abuse.
  • Be aware of the impact on children and young people.
  • Understand diversity issues in domestic abuse.
  • Be aware of good practice in working with domestic abuse.
  • Have increased knowledge of tools, processes and services that can help those affected by domestic abuse.

Course Content

The session involves some PowerPoint presentation, group work, experiential exercises, video clip and flip chart work.

In particular the session covers:

  • Different forms of domestic abuse – it is not solely about violence.
  • Domestic abuse as a control mechanism/diversity issues.
  • Definitions and prevalence of domestic abuse.

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