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28 April

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Water Arrears Advice Service

“Struggling with Water Rates Arrears?

Worried about how to pay your bill? 

Local Solutions offers a FREE, confidential and impartial service to people struggling to pay their water rates. If you are having difficulties paying your water rates bill and have water rates arrears we can help you back to financial recovery.

This is a new service funded by United Utilities Trust Fund, an Independent charity.

To qualify for help you must be a United Utilities Water customer.

We can help you by:

  • Maximising your household income wherever possible.

  • Providing budgeting advice to make the most of your money.

  • Helping you deal with other debts.

  • Providing you with energy saving advice.

  • Apply for grant assistance, where appropriate.

This service is aimed primarily at helping people with water rates arrears, we will look at the reasons why you have water rates arrears and we will work with you to resolve the problems that are causing your water rates arrears.

We will then negotiate an appropriate payment strategy utilising the various assistance schemes offered by United Utilities Water and where appropriate we will assist you to apply for a grant of financial assistance with your water rates arrears.

We can also help with applying for grants for energy efficient goods such as washing machines, cookers, fridges, freezes or help with another essential household bill.

We will assist you by identifying eligibility for benefits that you are not already receiving and we can assist you with claiming. We will help you to budget effectively and make the most of your money. We will assist you by negotiating with your other creditors.

We may refer you to other services within Local Solutions or to other agencies who can help and give support. 

To access this service and make an appointment

Tel: 0151 705 2383

Email: waterdebt@localsolutions.org.uk

Julie Kelly, Laura Scregg and Mark Fenn from our Advice Services team have all obtained the “Certificate in Money Advice Practice” (CMAP) through the Institute of Money Advisors.

The CMAP qualification was achieved after a prolonged period of intense study and weekly assessments, followed by a two hour exam at the end of the course, and indicates competency in the area of money advice.

The CMAP represents the most robust qualification in money advice practice and is fast becoming the industry standard.




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