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20 November

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How Does Supported Lodgings Operate?

How Does Supported Lodgings Operate?

SL works with a team of registered volunteer householders who are willing to offer the young people a room within their own homes.  The lodgings are within the homes of families/couples/individuals throughout the North West and North Wales. This gives the young people an opportunity to benefit from the supported atmosphere of a family home, whilst being encouraged to develop the skills required for independent living.

During the referral we attempt to find out as much as possible about the young person’s  background - they are then invited to an interview to discuss their situation and the type of help we may be able to offer.  We will also use this opportunity to offer some guidelines as to acceptable behaviour when living in someone else’s home.  Young people are then placed with suitable householders who, along with the local office staff, offer a complete package of accommodation and support. A variety of placements are available to suit the requirements of individual clients.

From the outset, each young person is allocated a support co-ordinator who will look at their individual support needs. A support plan is then drawn up to enable those needs to be met. This will include things like careers advice, help with benefit claims, and move-on support. The support co-ordinator will maintain contact with the young person and the Householder throughout their time with the project and arrange to visit them regularly. SL ensures that all young people use their time in a meaningful way and they are expected to undertake education, employment or training.


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