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21 November

Our Mission is to build resilience, raise aspiration, improve lives

Supported Lodgings Householders Paid Opportunities


The Role of the Supported Lodgings Householder

Householders are the key to the SL operation, providing the direct day-to-day contact with the young people.  Some individual cases can be demanding but can also bring enjoyment and a real sense of value.  Many of the young people referred to SL have been obliged to take full control of their lives at an earlier stage than many of their contemporaries.

The Householder’s relationship with the young person should be as adult to adult not as a replacement parent.  It is important to allow sufficient space in which the individual can mature and develop independently.  If you become a Householder you will also be supported by your local office and you will receive advice and guidance from an allocated support co-ordinator, you won’t be on your own.

Becoming a Supported Lodgings householder

Local Solutions recognises that it is the commitment and dedication of our registered Householders, which ensures the continuing development of our work.

Householders receive payment, which is paid monthly, directly into Householders bank accounts. The young people also make a small contribution for breakfast and evening meals from their own income and this is paid direct to the Householder. This is important as it encourages the young people to take responsibility, something they will have to do when they move on into independence.

If you are interested in becoming a SL Householder, please contact: Supported Lodging Admin on 0151-330-2016 or 0151482 2469 for further information .

We currently have vacancies in Liverpool, Sefton, Wirral, Knowsley, Denbighshire, Flintshire and Conwy. You can also download an application form and return it to Supported Lodgings Admin, 286-316 Scotland Road, Liverpool L5 5AE and a member of staff from your local office will contact you once the application is received.   






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