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21 November

Our Mission is to build resilience, raise aspiration, improve lives

Key Workers

Key Workers

Homeground adopts a holistic approach towards the problems of its residents to make positive life changes and to work towards eventual independence. The project operates with an experienced team of support workers who act as key workers.

Every resident will be assigned to a key worker; each key worker is responsible for drawing up a strategy of support tailored to meet the particular needs of their client during their stay and eventual move - on. 

The support package contains details of the various skills a client will need to work on in order to be ready for the time when they are able to live independently.

A key worker will ascertain that a resident is looking after their basic needs in terms of personal hygiene, health, domestic arrangements and budgeting.

The progress of each client is continually monitored by his/her key worker and reviewed monthly. When the client is considered ready for independent living, the Resettlement Officer will take over.

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