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21 November

Our Mission is to build resilience, raise aspiration, improve lives

Emotional Support/Resettlement

Homeground - Emotional Support

Confidential support is offered to residents of Homeground. It is understood that many of its residents have encountered significant amd traumatic experiences,  homelessness being just one additional factor to overcome.  Many clients will acknowledge problems with mental health, drug or alcohol misuse and criminal activity. Homeground offers confidential support and help in order to begin to address these issues.

Homeground  has well established connections with a range of external support agencies that can provide specialist support services and where appropriate, we will ensure a timely and suitable referral. 

Homeground - Resettlement

A huge problem facing young people at Homeground is the eventual move from hostel to independent living in the community.  So often when young people leave a hostel setting they find they cannot cope with their own tenancy and seek solace back into a hostel environment.

Homeground operate a Resettlement programme in an attempt to overcome any problems that their residents are experiencing with such issues.  The Resettlement Officers role is to ensure the effectiveness and smoothness of the transition process from hostel to independent living.  The resettlement officers aim to: 

  • Find secure and appropriate tenancies for young people ready to move on
  • Prepare young people, both practically and emotionally, to make the transition to independent living
  • Offer drop-in advice workshops for young people with resettlement plans
  • Provide additional support and outreach for young people living in their own tenancies.

As well as seeking out accommodation for the young person, the worker attempts to secure full time work, education or training to ensure that the young person has a structured lifestyle and ensures that other networks of support are in place to assist young people in maintaining their tenancy. 

Support and advice continue to be offered until each individual is able to cope independently.

Further Information
Tel: 0151-286 6010
Address: Homeground, 286/316 Scotland Road, Liverpool L5 5AE

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