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22 November

Our Mission is to build resilience, raise aspiration, improve lives

Carers Wellness Zone

Carers Wellness Zone

Gym: at the centre’s gym carers have access to a range of Technogym Easyline equipment (used in Lifestyles centres across Liverpool) and our fitness instructor is on hand to provide one to one advice and support to encourage carers to lead a healthy lifestyle.  Carers undertake a 45 minute induction when they register and are then able to use the facilities at their convenience.  The gym apparatus has enabled carers to tone and strengthen their muscles, as well as to lose weight and increase their stamina and fitness.


Circuit-cise:  carers enjoy weekly classes to music, which are fun and ideal for improving fitness levels.  Each session varies and incorporates a range of apparatus including Swiss Ball, Step Boxes and Dumbbells.  Our instructor is at hand to support and encourage carers to reach their goals.  


Healthy Lifestyle Classes: one to one or group sessions are held at the Centre covering all topics of healthy life.  These include food types (the benefits and negatives), social stigmas, addiction, food labels and exercise benefits. Classes are delivered through an ‘open learning’ format using methods such as brain storming, discussions, quizzes and internet searching. 

A list of activities at the Centre can be seen by clicking the following PDF.



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