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20 November

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Carers’ Emergency Card

Carers’ Emergency Card

What is the Carers Emergency Card scheme?
This is a free service to any carer who lives in Liverpool, run jointly with Local Solutions and VNC Lifeline it provides carers with peace of mind when they are away from the person they care for.

How does is work?
After registering with Liverpool Carers Centre and completing an application form with your details, the details of the person you care for and your action plan, a card (the same size as a credit card) will be issued with your personal identification number and the VNC Lifeline telephone number.  In the event of an emergency away from home, VNC Lifeline would telephone your emergency contacts and if they cannot be contacted, they would contact Social Services, provided you have consented to this in your Action Plan.  

What is an Action Plan?
Your Action Plan would determine what you would want to happen in the event of an emergency.  This would include the names, addresses and phone numbers for two friends, relatives or neighbours who can be contacted by VNC Lifeline - you must get consent from them to register their details with VNC Lifeline and also discuss with them what they should do in this situation.

What are the benefits?
As a carer with lots of responsibilities, this is one practical way of helping to ease the worry of what would happen to the person you care for should you have an accident when you are away from them.  The card offers 24 hour support in the knowledge that VNC Lifeline will inform your emergency contacts and if they are unavailable, a referral can be made to Social Services.

How do I register?
To receive your application pack and unique PIN number contact:
Liverpool Carers Centre, Mount Vernon Green, Hall Lane , Liverpool L7 8TF . Tel: 0151 705 2307

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