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20 November

Our Mission is to build resilience, raise aspiration, improve lives

Resettlement Passport July 2016 Paper

Resettlement Passport July 2016 Update

Here is a little update to show how things are going 2 years on.

Click PDF link below for July 2016 Update


The Resettlement Passport is a pre-tenancy course developed by Local Solutions to help young or vulnerable people prepare to move into their own tenancies. It is a skills development tool designed by support workers and is fully up to date with sections on Universal Credit and Sanctions.

Young and vulnerable people face significant challenges in setting up their own homes and maintaining their tenancies. 

The course was developed by support workers from the Supported Lodgings services at Local Solutions with the aim of reducing tenancy breakdowns which are costly to individual’s wellbeing and financially to housing associations and to society. 

Successful tenancies are key to long-term stability for vulnerable clients and provide the basis for them to engage with education, training and employment. 

To book or to find out more click here - /projects/homelessness/resettlementpassport_/

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