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20 November

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Liverpool Parish Church 2017 Lent Lectures

Liverpool Parish Church 2017 Lent Lectures


Every year, the Liverpool Parish Church of Our Lady and St Nicholas holds a series of Lent Lectures that are designed to stimulate and entertain new audiences in different ways. 

This year the series will begin with the Bishop of Liverpool who will lead an Ash Wednesday lunch time service.  The service will last for 45 minutes (12.15pm-1pm) allowing people to attend during their lunch break.  The remaining lectures then take place in the evening – the first at 6pm and the remaining three at 6.15pm – and will be finished within an hour. 

The times and length of the lectures are designed to fit in with people’s working hours and the evening sessions mean that people are able to access them easier as nearby on street parking is free after 6pm.

The Lent Talks are a gift from the parish to the people of Liverpool as they are free and you are not required to book in advance.   For a full list of the lectures and for service times of the parish, see the below attachment.


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