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21 November

Our Mission is to build resilience, raise aspiration, improve lives

iTea Event

iTea Event

The Liverpool Carers Centre held a basic iTea Event for its unpaid carers today.

The iTea Event was delivered by Tara Jussa (Granby Toxteth Development Trust) and Will Roby (Everton Development Trust). Tara and Will delivered a new BBC scheme called “Go ON”.

“Go ON” is about getting people that don’t use computers onto computers and online. The ‘Go ON  it's Liverpool’ campaign aims to get an extra 25,000 people in the city online by March 2012 – supported by 5,000 ‘digital champions’ across all sectors of the community. 

A digital champion is a person that will give an hour to help others, with computer skills. A carer from the Centre was asked to become a digital champion who was surprised to be asked but happy to help.

At the Event carers learnt about basic keyboard and mouse skills and also how to go 'online' and set up an email address.

Comments from carers included: 

            “I enjoyed the session, it was very helpful”

             “The Teacher was very good and helped me a great deal”

             “I did something I thought I’d never do”

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